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Vocational Education and Training

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Professional Visits

Online Pre-Mobility Preparation 

Can't come to Granada or Barcelona?  We will come to you!

Our newest project is   EYE - The E-Incubator for Young Entrepreneurs.  Our

TRAIN THE TRAINER course is two days of instruction on guiding participants through

the process of learning what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, starting with

enrollment in our online coursework.  Whether you represent a public employment

development office or a private training agency, we can customise the training to fit

your needs. We work throughout Europe and the Mediterranean region.

Learn more about bringing the EYE Project to your country - contact us today!  


PRE-MOBILITY PREPARATION- Participation in our virtual classrooms means trainees can access the material

online prior to their travels

IN-COUNTRY SEMINARS- Workshops stimulate thinking and challenge participants to learn new modes of applying

learning to real-world situations and training needs 

PROFESSIONAL VISITS - We travel as a group to relevant sites to meet local leaders and researchers in the fields of interest

CULTURAL PROGRAMMING - From arts and entertainment to important industries such as wine production and fisheries, Barcelona

and its surrounding areas has something for everyone! Programming also available in Granada for a true Spanish 

learning experience