The Beneficiary Welfare Officer (BWO) for this project is:

Sandra Lund-Diaz

Tel. (cell): +34 600876851

Sandra will be the project liaison to resolve any problems that might occur. Other emergency

numbers that will come in handy: 

​                   Emergency contacts - 24 hours: (+34 is the country code for Spain)
General Emergencies:  112
Medical Emergencies:  061
Fire:  080
Guardia Urbana (Spanish national police):  092
Mossos d'Esquadra (Catalan local police) for general emergencies or traffic accidents: 088
For medical emergencies, call the BWO and she will indicate a nearby facility for healthcare services.

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calendar, below.​​​

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Communication throughout the course will be through Google. 
Therefore, it is required that all participants provide a

personal email account. 

All correspondence will come from

Erasmus Actions 


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​ 4. Safety 

6.  Itineraries


Sivitanidios Public School of Trades and Vocations,

3rd Professional – Vocational

Project Erasmus+"Innovation and Εxpertise as

Key to Professional Development”

December 1-7, 2019 - Barcelona, Spain

5. Logistics

Innovative learning and teaching for Knowledge Economy Skills

​1.  Program:
Sector: Education and Training,  Coursework developed by Global Skills Network, SL  

     - Arrival:  December 1, 2019

     - Departure: December 7, 2019
Language:  Instruction will take place in English.
Texts:  Each module has required reading, available in a downloadable format. Please

familiarize yourself with the training content prior to your arrival.
Connectivity:  The classroom has Internet wifi available. 

Participants are asked to bring their own laptops.

Weather:  Dress warmly and bring your umbrella


2.  Course Description
Innovative Learning and Teaching for Knowledge Economy Skills establishes a forum for

teacher training and professional development for an application of acquired knowledge

in secondary education
​     Ioannis Bafounis 

     Dimitrios Rafopoulos

     Athanasios Vasilogiannis
     Georgios Athanasiou

     Aglaia Karamalaki

     Visiliki Liontou

     Angeliki Tzannini

     Eleni Plastira

     Margarita Chalkia

     Aspasia Christopoulou

3. Course Overview

3.1.  Erasmus+ Impact Exercises

Action > download the Impact+ Pre-Mobility Questionnaire (1) from the documents

download section and return it to us at erasmusactions@gmail.comby November 20th

so that the results can be compiled for group discussion

3.2. MODULE 1:  Inquiry-Based Learning is real world learning in problem-solving that

complements entrepreneurship education for knowledge deepening. Real-world learning

supported by our training model offers a holistic and flexible approach to learning in

preparation for acquiring 21st Century skills needed in the workforce, in entrepreneurship

and for success throughout the education continuum via collaborative learning.

Action > download the background on UNESCO's Information & Communication Technologies

Competency Framework for Teachers Overview (2) and Strategies (3)

Site Visits

> Universitat Ramon Llull Blanquerna to visit a classroom of the future in teacher education.

The visit is scheduled for Monday, December 2.

3.3.  MODULE 2:  Acquiring a Growth Mindset explores how students can obtain different

perspectives on taking on academic challenges presented throughout the education continuum

and applications in entrepreneurship.​

3.4. MODULE 3 Creating a Community of Practice for Educators

MODULE 4:  Becoming Entrepreneurial focuses on EntreComp, the European

Commission’s framework for becoming entrepreneurial. We have embraced EntreComp

as a foundational basis for students to transform ideas into products and services of value

to others.  In the process, they acquire skills and competences that will help them view the

world as one of opportunities. EntreComp also helps to make a person entrepreneurial that

can lead him or her to creating a business or enhancing employability.
Action > download the Entrecomp Framework background document (4)
Site Visit: Barcelona Net Activa, the local entrepreneurship ecosystem provides resources

and support for individuals wanting to embark on the entrepreneurship journey and utilizing

technology in teaching entrepreneurial studies. throughout the education continuum and

applications in entrepreneurship.