de Barcelona
Barcelona's official

city website:


Communication throughout the course will be through Google. 
Therefore, it is required that all participants provide a

personal email account. 

All correspondence will come from

Erasmus Actions 


please adjust your settings so 
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Ferrocarrils de la
Generalitat de

Trains via metro

operated by the
Catalonia government.


The City of Barcelona and the Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona both maintain a journey planner tool for you to plan your travels throughout the metropolitan area


de Barcelona
Public transportation - metro, buses, 
trolleys, and trams


Trains operated by

a public/private
partnership with

the government

of Spain.


REMEMBER - Professional visits are arranged as a

courtesy by our hosts, and therefore, all measures

​are taken to arrive on time. Please read the daily

itineraries thoroughly to become informed of our

hosts, as well as calculate the appropriate time it

takes to arrive at the meetup point.  We intend to

leave as a group at the appointed time of the

meetup, and will not wait for latercomers. Thank

you in advance for your cooperation!




This page contains other valuable information regarding the logistics of the project and how to navigate

the metropolitan area.

Public Transportation

Travel Planner


REMEMBER - Bring the European Health Card along with your passport, as Greek citizens enjoy reciprocity with the Catalan health services. If you don´t have a health card, bring instead the insurance policy purchased on your behalf by the project sponsor.  It

is advisable to photocopy all important documents

such as these.

Sivitanidios Public School of Trades and Vocations,

3rd Professional – Vocational

Project “Erasmus+"Innovation and Εxpertise as

Key to Professional Development”

December 1-7, 2019 - Barcelona, Spain


This is your project, so we invite you to make it relevant by bringing questions, concerns or suggestions for

revisions to our attention.  Emails are always welcomed and will be answered promptly.

We look forward to welcoming you to our hometown of Barcelona!  Your project organizers: Sandra, Montse,

Chris and the team at Global Skills Network, email:  info@GlobalSkillsNetwork.com  


The evening prior to each day's activities, paticipants will receive an email with the itinerary so that they can plan

your travel. The document will also contain specifics on the professional visits confirmed for the project. For this

reason, it is imperative that each participant provide a personal email in order to receive invitations to access

Google ​documents. The itineraries will also be available at the document downloads section (4) of the Google

Drive and on the project's ITINERARIES page.

​​In Case of Serious Illness



TMB  Journey Planner

Local Transportation

Barcelona has an excellent system of public transportation that cris-crosses ​the metropolitan area, divided into five

"zones" that require different tarriffs for travel. The network map (3) links to TMB travel planner in English if you

want to schedule private visits or popular tourist destinations and want to know the easiest way to travel. Each

participant receives a daily travel pass valid on public transportation: TMB (city buses, metro, trams) RENFE 

Rodalies (Spanish local trains) and FGC (Catalan trains) within Zone 1 of the Barcelona metropolitan area.

Not valid on tourist buses, Tibidabo rails or sky telefericos on Montjuic or the skyrail across the harbour between

Montjuic and the beach. Each participant is responsible for his or her own passes, and they unique to the holder -

they are not shared. If you should lose your pass, you can purchase a replacement pass at any metro station or

at customer service kiosks at Plaça Catalunya, Plaça Espanya, Universitat or at the Sants train station. Please

familiarize yourself with the public transportation systems available for the metropolitan area, as it will be important

to calculate travel times and distances during your stay.

REMEMBER - In case of loss or theft, the holder is responsible for

replacing the pass. ​These can be purchased at any metro station


If you are not a citizen of the EEU or EEC, you must bring a health insurance policy to cover illness and accidents.

Likewise, all medications, regardless of citizenship, need to be paid for by the program participant when needed.

You will find a local pharmacy very close to your accommodations. There are hundreds of pharmacies in Barcelona,

and we have in place a 24-hour system where there is always a pharmacy on call in every neighborhood. 

During their stay in Spain, we advise program participants to be careful and look after their personal possessions

(e.g. credit card, passport, etc.).  It is best not to carry a lot of money and use a credit card instead for purchases.

It would be a good idea to keep a record and photocopy of information about passports or National Identification

Documents and also of credit cards. We advise them to keep these at their accommodations in case the originals

are lost or stolen. The photocopies will be of help if they need to report any stolen documents.

Although Barcelona is one of the safest cosmopolitan cities in Europe, common sense is still needed. The local

Catalan police -- Mossos d'Esquadra -- are the most wonderful resource we have for safety. But please beware

of unsafe situations: do not travel alone after dark, especially in the “Raval” sector of town. Never surrender your

personal property to persons posing as police officers. And be vigilent of pickpockets, especially in the heavily-

congested tourist areas such as Las Ramblas and metro stations.

Bringing a laptop is required for participation in this project, but please leave your valuables and jewlery at home,

as we cannot be responsible for loss of personal property. The beneficiary will be responsible for submitting a

police report for theft and will be expected to go the police station unaccompanied to fill out the paperwork, which

can last up to 3 hours, outside work hours.

Even though you are not coming from the United Kingdom, it is advisable to refer to the ongoing travel safety

campaign operated by the UK Foreign  &  Commonwealth  Office  (FCO).  It encourages travelers to be better

prepared  for  their overseas trips with a view  to  avoiding  common  travelling  traumas, risks  and dangers.

We  strongly  advise  that  you  visit  the Know  Before  You Go website to learn more about  general travel 

safety  advice  and  information  specific to  your  destination.(www.fco.gov.uk/en/travelling-and-living-overseas/)  


Welcome to Barcelona - Benvinguts!
A major transit hub for travel throughout Europe, Barcelona is served by three airports - you will be

arriving at Barcelona El Prat Josep Tarradella International airport, about 45 minutes from the city center. 

We will be awaiting your arrival with dedicated transportation for airport - hotel - airport transfers:

Arrival: December 1, 2019 - VUELING  Flight VY8101  LV ATH 1155 AV BCN 1405   

Please look for a welcome sign for Sivitanidios once you exit the baggage area of Terminal 1 to be

escorted to the airport transfers arranged for your group.

                                Please note - we cannot accommodate people outside the project

                                on dedicated transportation for airport transfers. If you are bringing

                                a spouse, friend. family member or significant other, he or she will

                                need to arrange for their own transportation. 

Important notes on scheduled arrivals to and departures from El Prat airport can be found at ​found at


HOTEL:  Onix Rambla, Address: Rambla De Catalunya 24.

Click on the map or the Google Maps icon for an area view and famiiarize yourself with your surroundings

in order to identify areas you wish to visit during your free time​ from the training. Click on either the Ajuntament

de Barcelona icon or the TMB icon to use the travel tool "journey planner " in English to find the best public

transportation option where you can use your transportation pass or find discounts for transportation modes

not covered under the pass such as the tourist bus.

Departure: December 7, 2019 -  RYAN AIR  Flight FR6327 07DEC19  BCN  1730

Pickup at hotel 13h30 for transer to airport for return to Greece upon completion of project, as

Ryan Air requires passengers to be at the airport  three (3) hours prior to departure due

to strong security measures. If you miss the bus, you can take a taxi that will cost approximately


Our guide to Barcelona is available in the document downloads (1)

Here, you will also find recommended cultural and historical sites (2)should you be interested

in visiting them during your free time.


​Carrer Bruc 149, local 1  08037 Barcelona